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How It works?

How Tag My Fish Works?
How Tag My Fish Works? How Tag My Fish Works? How Tag My Fish Works?

Tag my Fish is a project useful for anglers, ichthyologists, and ecologists. It presents, unites and connects all fish species with all major body waters on Earth in one place, both in the context of sport fishing and in the context of ecology and protection of waters and aquatic ecosystems.

The site and mobile app have two separate, but closely related parts: the first, of a scientific-educational type, showing all fish species and some of most important waters, and the second, which relies heavily on the first, and which is a social network.

By using an app or website, one can upload a photo of its catch or observation and tag the fish species, the body water, and, optionally, the fishing gear.

If the fish species tag is incorrect or simply if one is not sure what he has caught, the system will automatically re-tag the catch and select the right fish species as soon as possible.

The project also has great ecological importance. By monitoring catches and observations, we can also monitor the health of the ecosystem. This way, ecologists can find waters with rare and endangered fish species, such as tench and crucian carp, and, if necessary, additionally protect those waters and fish populations. They can use the app for early detection of invasive fish species and act quickly and preventively to reduce the chances of those species spreading further.

The social network was officially launched on September 25, 2023.